Omano Trinocular Upright Fluorescence Compound Microscope – OMFL400-4pc Plan Objective Lenses – 2pc FL Objectives – 100W Mercury Lamp – Centering Telescope – Integrated Halogen Illumination



Product description

  • Upright fluorescence microscope with 1000x magnification
  • WF10x eyepieces & Quintuple nosepiece
  • Trinocular adapter, filters, mercury lamp and halogen brightfield illumination
  • Four Plan objectives (4x, 10x, 40xS, 100xS oil) & 2 fluorescence (25x, 40xS)
  • Omano Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Omano OMFL400 is a top-quality upright, trinocular fluorescence microscope workhorse for fluorescence applications and photomicrography. It includes six premium objective lenses for optical clarity, a T-Mount photo tube with two magnification settings and integrated fine focus and two excitation filters – blue and green. Illumination includes both a 100W mercury arc lamp and 20W halogen for brightfield applications. maximum magnification is 1,000x. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Omano is a registered trademark of The Microscope Store, LLC. All rights reserved.

Product details

Product Warranty:

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