November 25, 2020

Nick’s Bio Corner

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Nick’s Bio Corner is an open discussion blog about the science of biochemistry and it’s many applications, such as new developments in medicine and genetic engineering.

The corner, for short, was created January 2019 by Biochemistry undergraduate student Nickoli Parkinson and serves as not only a source of information, but also as a source of inspiration where you the reader can channel your inner scientist.

Fueled by Nickoli Parkinson’s passion for the continuation of our advancements in understanding the biochemical processes that governs all life, Nick’s Bio Corner is dedicated to help that cause by making relevant information in the field readily available to its readers, while at the same time encouraging you the reader to participate in open dialogue. Because discussion is the birthplace of new ideas, ideas which inevitably lead to further discoveries.

So cheers! Enjoy the page. Feel free to refer to the contact page with any inquiries and input.

Meet The Creator

Nickoli Parkinson

Nickoli Parkinson is currently an undergraduate student in his junior year studying biochemistry with a minor in computer science.

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