AncestryHealth Core™: Health + Genetic Ethnicity Test (Not Available in NY, NJ, RI, or Guam)


Product Description

  • The health kit cannot be activated for customers with a permanent residence in the following states or US territories: NY, NJ, RI or Guam.
  • Discover how your DNA might influence certain health conditions—and the steps you can take with a healthcare provider to chart a healthier path forward.
  • AncestryHealth Core includes all of the features of AncestryDNA, the #1 selling consumer DNA test.* From your origins in over 1000 regions, to the most connections to living relatives, no other DNA test delivers such a unique, interactive experience. *Substantiated by AncestryDNA, January 2019 report.
  • Our new DNA experience gives you a more precise ethnicity estimate with greater geographic detail and in-depth historical insights.
  • Purchase fee includes $5.75 collected on behalf of the independent provider group for clinical oversight services.
Learn Your Origins

Learn Your Origins

Explore the various regions that make up your ethnicity estimate, learn the history of the area from ancient to modern times, and even uncover surprising facts about those locations and the people who lived there.

Learn Your Origins

Learn Your Origins

Personalized Reports and Support

Personalized Reports and Support

Generations of Health History

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